While you ramble, we tinker. We fiddle and explore. Drop things, kick ‘em, break ‘em,
glue them back together and start again. It’s a journey of discovery. 

Design here is seeing how things fall and break. If a camera drops, is it on the case or on the lens? Do lens sizes affect that? Design here is knowing our materials. Where should the reinforcing be, or should it be buffering?
How much rubber or neoprene – or a bit of both? 

Design here is understanding how Ramble bags and cases are used.  We speak to the laptop, tablet and camera makers about their strong and their weak points.

We speak to people like you, who use them. The perfect balance is when the technology is most accessible and usable. Anywhere, anytime.

None of this is taught on a campus. It comes from experience, knowledge of every material from satin to rubber, and how they’re best used.  Like our Ramble customers: been there, done that.